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Janine Claxton is a clinical psychologist specialising in counselling for children, teenagers and adults. Janine Claxton Psychology is located in Frankston.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GP Mental Health Care Plan?


A Mental Health Care Plan (or Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative) is a plan that must be obtained through a General Practitioner (GP), Paediatrician or Psychiatrist.  It is nearly always provided by a GP.  The plan must be accompanied by a referral letter from the doctor. 


The plan allows the client to claim a rebate for up to 10 sessions in a calendar year.  A review by the referring GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist is required after the first six sessions.


Mental Health Care Plans do not cover assessments, nor certain conditions which are not defined as mental health disorders, but they do cover frequently observed mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and sleep problems (as well as a number of other conditions as assessed by the referring medical doctor).


A child, adolescent or adult referred on a GP Mental Health Plan will be eligible to receive a Medicare Rebate of $124.50 per session.  That is, Medicare will contribute $124.50 toward the cost of each session.


For more information, you can download the APS Fact Sheet on Medicare rebates by following the link: Medicare Rebate Fact Sheet



Am I eligible for a GP Mental Health Care Plan?


This is determined by your GP or in some instances by a psychiatrist or a paediatrician.



Are there any other types of Medicare Benefits or Rebates available?


Yes, there are benefits available for a number of specific psychology services for people with certain conditions other than a mental health disorder.  These include:


    • Children with Autism or any other pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) – aged under 13 years for diagnosis and under 15 year sofr treatment.
    • Children up to 15 years of age with any of the following disabilities: Sight impairment, Hearing impairment, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Fragile X syndrome
    • Women who are concerned about either a current pregnancy, or one that occurred in the previous 12 months.
    • People who have a chronic medical condition and complex care needs
    • Follow-up allied health services for people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.


Again, to be eligible to receive psychological services under Medicare, a person must be referred by his/her GP or in some instances by a psychiatrist or a paediatrician.



Am I eligible for a rebate from my Private Health Insurance Company?


Some psychology therapy services may be eligible for rebates through the client’s Private Health Insurance.  Clients will need to contact their insurance provider to confirm their eligibility for rebates.  If eligible, then upon payment of the fees, the client will be provided by the office staff with a receipt that they can then submit to their private health insurer for a rebate.


Note: Clients cannot claim through both Medicare and Private Health Insurance for the same session.



Do I have to have a referral from my GP?


No.  You do not require a referral from your GP unless you have met the criteria to claim a Medicare rebate.  However, GP’s are a very good port of call for an initial discussion about reasons an individual may wish to attend a psychologist.  If an individual does not meet the criteria to receive a Medicare rebate for psychology services, that person is still free to see a psychologist and either 1) obtain a rebate if they have the required level of private health insurance or 2) cover the full cost of the session(s) if rebates are not available.  In such instances, a GP can certainly write a referral letter if the individual wishes, or the GP can provide the name(s) of possible psychologists the individual may wish to consider, without needing to write a referral letter. This is best discussed with the GP.


Some individuals prefer to attend psychology sessions of their own accord, without having seen their GP.  This is completely acceptable (and occurred frequently prior to the commencement of Medicare rebates for certain psychological services).  In such instances, the client can claim a rebate if they have private health insurance cover for psychology services, or they may wish to pay in full without a Medicare rebate or a private health insurance rebate.



Do I need to fill out any paper work prior to the first session?


At the time of attending your first session, you will be asked to fill out an information sheet and to read and sign a Consent Form.  Please allow enough time (around 5-10 minutes) to complete these prior to the scheduled appointment time.



What should I bring to the first appointment?


If you or your child has a GP Mental Health Plan from your doctor, please remember to bring this along, with the doctor’s covering referral letter.  You may prefer to post, fax or drop the referral letter and plan in to the rooms any day prior to the initial appointment; otherwise, just bring it along on the day.


If there is any other information you believe may be important at the initial session, do not hesitate to bring that along.  This may include school reports, assessment results, a list of questions you may have, or a list of reminder points or topics that you would like to raise during the session.



What is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist?


The words “psychologist” and “psychiatrist” often cause confusion for people.  The following link to the APS website provides a clear explanation of the difference between these two professions:


The difference between psychologists and psychiatrists



Do I have to live in Frankston to attend your rooms?


Definitely not.  Individuals attend from many surrounding suburbs on the Mornington Peninsula (Mt. Eliza, Mornington, Rosebud, Rye, Hastings, Baxter, Somerville, Sorrento etc), as well as Cranbourne, Seaford, Aspendale Gardens, Carrum, Bonbeach, Mordialloc etc.


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